working out after spray tanning

Question: when i work out my tan comes off on my clothes and leaves streaks. can i do anything to avoid this?

Answer: I am not sure if you are worried about your tan or your clothes?

If you do not want to leave stains on your clothes then spray tan in a booth where they use clear solution. The brown stuff that comes off on your clothes is actually bronzer that has lodged itself in your pores and comes out when you start sweating. When you use clear solution there is no bronzer added, only your own skin develops the color. The result it -clean clothes.

If you are worried about the tan coming off, then the solution is - after each work out take a shower and after that moisturize your whole body with one of those self tanners that build up spray tan gradually. It will repair any damage to your tan and give your tan a boost so you can keep your tan longer. If you use a cream without any bronzer added (it will be white not yellow or brown)your clothes will avoid any brown smudges.

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