workin out the day after getting mystic tan

Question: will the tan run or come off or streak if I work out the day after?

Answer: It will not run, because your skin is now stained with DHA, but because sweat is acidic it can soften your skin in places where you sweat and make the skin more likely to exfoliate. That could result in patchy tan.

You can still work out if you get a tan extending lotion or cream and apply it in those areas that might have gone a bit lighter after you exercised.

Tan extending lotion can be purchased in tanning salons, but you can also use one of those lotions or creams (which you can buy in supermarkets) which contain a little amount of DHA and build up a tan gradually.

If you use that cream on the places that have gone a little lighter you can build up a little bit of color and blend it in to the rest of the tan.

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