Will the tan come off when working out?

by Drew
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Question: I used a spray tan called, Salon Bronze. I got it at Sally Beauty Supply, and when I used it I noticed that when I worked out and sweat my white shirt had stains on it. This was about two days or so after I sprayed myself. I noticed this with my white shower towel also. My question is, do most spray tans run? I thought that after a day or so of being on your skin the chemical would have soaked into the skin or been done reacting with my skin and I would not have to worry about this. Have you heard of people having this problem? I am pale skinned and do not want to use a tanning bed or lay out in the sun, but I would like a healthy kiss from the sun (or bottle in this case) but I still like to hit the gym and get my fitness on. Are there any other brands or products that may work better?

Answer: All fake tans will naturally exfoliate if you sweat and that is because your sweat is acidic and softens the top skin layer. The top, dead skin layer is the only part of the skin that is affected by the fake tan, so sometimes when you exercise in some places you can get white patches.

This can be helped quite a bit if you exfoliate with Baiden Mitten because it makes the dead skin layer much shallower and it takes time before it builds up and is ready to exfoliate.

It is also a good idea to purchase a tan extending lotion or cream and moisturize with it daily after a shower. That will boost up your tan and also will repair some damage thus making the tan more even and lasting.

When you have a spray tan on it might be a good idea to wear dark gym clothes to avoid stains. Spray tan can discolor some man made fabrics (and natural silk) permanently.

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