Will swimming fade a spray tan?

Question: i know there is already a question about swimming but if you get a spray tan can you even swim in chlorinated water without it fading or have blotches ? even if you wait a week before?

Answer: Chlorinated water will bleach a new spray tan by about 1/2 to 3/4 (depends how much chlorine there is), so imagine what it will do to a spray tan that is a week old!

I have never seen it fade in blotches though, it just looses color all over.
It is a best way to get rid of orange spray tan that I know, because it will just fade it so much faster. If you are planning to swim in chlorinated water on your holidays, I suggest different technique.
Every time you swim take a shower afterwards and then moisturize your whole body with one of those creams that has some DHA solution in it. You can do it twice for a stronger effect (scrub palms of your hands afterwards, otherwise they will be the darkest part of your body).
It will give you a glow for that day. If you swim next day, just repeat the process. It is only a half measure, but you should not deny yourself the pleasure of swimming just because of worrying about your tan.

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Jul 19, 2011
swimming with a airbrush spray tan
by: Anonymous

i know that there are a ton of swimming with spray tan questions but none of them are what i was looking for. but i need to know how long do i have to wait before i can go swimming with chlorine. I got an airbrush spray tan by neutrogena on monday and i'm going to a swimming pool on wednesday but i dont know if my spray tan will bleach by then or will make it look bad. so i need to know how long do i have to wait until its safe.

Answer Chlorine will bleach your tan pretty much immediately so you will come out of the water lighter to what you went in with. It of course depends how long you stay in the pool, but spray tan and chlorine does not really go together.

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