Will spray tanning work for women of color

by Indigo

Question: I'm African American and my complexion is close to Gabrielle Union. I want to see if spray tanning will work for me, because I have some scarring on my legs and some stretch marks on my butt. I want my skin to be even out and flawless. Is spray tanning best for me? Do they even make a solution dark enough for my skin?

Answer: > I had few women of color spray tanning regularly at my studio. Being as white as I am, for some time I couldn't figure out why they did it, because I could not see much difference, so I asked one of them.
She told me that her skin tone is uneven, and spray tanning evened it out very well, and in addition it gave her a different shade with golden overtones rather than murky brown.
It took me some time before I could see what she meant, but she was right - after spray tanning she looked like a bronze goddess.

If I were you, I would start with a light spray tan, to see if that would be enough to even out most of the skin tone, because you might not necessarily want to go jet black, just less patchy, and that might be all that is needed. With spray tanning it is actually your own skin that develops its own color, so they don't need to make solutions especially for Aftro American women. That said, there are some differences between solutions, so you might want to experiment a bit before you find one that is just right for you.

I imagine that you would also need some touch up solution (you can buy it at the spray tanning salon), because spray tan rubs of things like scars and stretch marks quicker than from the rest of the body, so you might need to do some repair work between full body tans.

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Aug 08, 2016
Baiden Mitten?
by: Anonymous

I have never heard of the Baiden Mitten until reading the comments is there a soap or wash that is used in addition to the mitten to help lighten areas?

ANSWER: You don't really need anything else, but I like to use either Epsom Salts or Baking soda in the bath water and if I use shower I will make a mixture of some baking soda with a bit of water, spread it over my body and leave it on for a minute or two. Then I just rinse it off and scrub my body with the mitten.
You have to realize that Baiden does not "lighten" the skin. What it does, it takes a dead skin layer off which is often darker, because it is dry.
However, it makes the skin glow, and I have had couple of my friends comment that now they are happy that they have dark skin because people comment on the glow of it after they use Baiden.
However, if you have areas such as mosquito bites or dark spots from squeezing out blackheads etc. - those areas definitely will lighten up and blend in better.

Feb 28, 2016
Can a spray tan cover up dark bikini line
by: Anonymous

My bikini line is a little darker and I was wondering if it can cover it up?

Answer I am not sure how you can cover up your darker bikini line with spray tan. It would make it even darker. If it really bothers you a bit of lighter concealer can help temporarily.

Jun 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Question: After using Baiden mitten is it safe to use hydroquinone 8% to help lighten the dark spots on my legs an arms ?

Answer: Once you start using Baiden Mitten the dark spots should lighten up considerably very quickly.
I hope you will NOT use Hydroquinone as it is one of the most toxic substances you can put on your skin. It will cause more problems than it will solve.
Once your skin will get used to the Baiden Mitten treatment, you can use it more often in the shower (wet both skin and mitten) to massage the skin. It will increase blood circulation in those places and help with pigment absorption into the blood stream as well.

Sep 05, 2012
will spray tanning work for me
by: angel

i have chicken pox all over my left leg and a few dark scars on my right leg,was wondering if spray tanning and applying concealers on dem will make the apperance fade a bit.am tired of wearing jeans.
im black but a bit lighter.pls help

Boshena's comment: Girl, get yourself Baiden Mitten and use it on your legs regularly. Most dark marks will diminish very considerably (some of them will totally disappear over time). The best thing - it will happen very quickly.

That will cost you a price of one spray tan and the results will be long term.

Jul 19, 2012
Will Orange Spray Tan Work For Me?
by: Snookerz

Hello, my name is Nicole aka Snookerz! Im trying to look like Snooki from Jersey Shore, but I have "colored" skin. It's a medium/dark color, I was just wondering if I get Snooki's orange spray tan color, will it show up on my skin?

Answer:I am sure something will show up on your skin, but what color it will be, I cannot tell. You will just have to try it and tell us.

Jun 13, 2012
dark skin
by: Anonymous

Pior to the question you just answered. Would airbrush tan be good aswell to give you the flawless look and cover up the spots?

Answer: Yes, airbrush tan will even out the skin and the spots will blend in better. But you must be aware that you will all get darker.

If you just want to stay the color you are already, just to get rid of spots, use Baiden Mitten and over time the spots will lighten considerably.

Jun 13, 2012
dark skin
by: Anonymous

Well I have just considered having a tan to get a bronze look and I have mosquito bites on my arm, thighs n legs. I do have uneven colors as my face n my chest are lighter than the rest of my body. Will spray tan help me even my skin color up and cover some of my mosquito bite? During summer am also afriad too wear shorts cos of my legs. Any advise?

Boshena's comment: To get rid of mosquito bites marks get yourself Baiden Mitten it is fabulous for things like that. If you massage those dark spots under a shower couple of times a week, the spots will lighten considerably over time.
You can get a spray tan and ask the technician to even up your skin color, they should be able to tell you if you would be a good candidate for this.
Spray tan should make your skin tone look more even, although not flawless.

Apr 18, 2012
For those with medium skin
by: Anonymous

Very recently ive notived spray tans have become more popular. I am of mixed decent from all four major races asian,black,european,and hispanic. I can turn a light white/creme color but I wish to be a more bronze/golden/orange glow. With summer comming up I can get relativly dark but thats not what I am aiming for. I am thinking of getting the LIGHTEST color availible for my desired results.

Boshena's comment: I think that you might have to be like the rest of us and experiment a bit until you find the solution and color which you like the best.
It is a good idea to start with the lightest color. Look for the solution which has gold undertones, as some solutions have more green undertones and they tan more red brown rather than golden color.

Mar 03, 2012
Indian Skin Tone
by: Anonymous

I have tried many different tanning lotions and I have even gone to tanning salons. My skin tone is dark brown, but my legs and the chest area are very light compared to my arms and face. What products can I use to even out my skin complexion?

Boshena's comment: Are you telling me that no product was able to put some color on your chest and legs? I would think that you do get some temporary color on them after using self tanning products?

It seems that you get darker face and arms because of those areas being exposed to the sun. Use Baiden Mitten on those areas to remove any dead skin cells. That will make those areas lighter, but then you have to use a sun block every time you go out. Over time your skin tone should even out a bit.

If you use Baiden Mitten over the rest of the body and then day after apply self tanner, it should last for about 10 days.

Feb 25, 2012
by: ShaRon

My 21st birthday is this month. I'm already tan I'm black and white. So the carmel complection I have already but I want to glow. Will spray tan help?

Boshena's comment: Spray tan will make you darker but, depending on the color you choose it can add some gold tones to your complexion which can make your skin glow.

Feb 14, 2012
Will a light or dark spray tan help with my eczema?
by: Jhaz

I have eczema on my arms and back since I was young and now that Im in my twenties I start to see its clearing up a little...I wanted to know if spray tanning is the best things to do to try and cover up my eczema plus I am in a wedding so I do not want anyone to see my skin...

Boshena's comment: Spray tan can help a little because it has some aloe vera content which soothes the skin, but if you have been suffering with egzema for a long time perhaps it would be a good time to find out the cause of it?

A lot of egzema is caused by toxicity in your body and going on a raw food diet and taking zeolite supplement could get rid of it once and for all.

Feb 06, 2012
Can spray tan lighten skin color?
by: Vanessa

Question: Hi, I'm a cinnamon color already. Will a lighter shade of spay tan make a lighter complexion?

Answer: No, it will not. Spray tan ALWAYS makes the skin darker. Light tan will make it a little bit darker and dark tan will make it a lot darker.

Jan 27, 2012
Tanning to cover tattos
by: Munchie

Hello, I have a bunch of tattos and I need them covered to wear my gown to a black tie event. I'm a carmel color and I need this done fast, should I get some spray tan to cover them and would it rub off on the white part of the dress?

I think that you would do better in putting some coverup foundation in your skin color instead of spray tanning.
Spray tanning will make all your skin darker, and will make the tattoos blend in better, but they will still be visible

Jan 18, 2012
Need help!!! Will spray tan cover up scars?
by: indigo

Question: hi i am black and a middle brown color im not dark but im not light either. But i have a lot of scars on my legs and arms i havnt found a solution yet for them but will spray tanning make them look less noticable? And do you know of anything that will fade them?

Answer: It sort of depends on what kind of scars you have. If they are darker ones from mosquito bites than spray tan will blend them in better, but they will still be showing. However, instead middle brown you will turn dark brown with a spray tan.

If your scars are lighter than the rest of your skin than spray tan will also help a bit, although the color on the scars sometimes wears off quicker than on the rest of the skin because they are made of different skin texture.

To cover up light scars it sometimes is easier to just get a q-tip and dip it in a self tanning solution and paint those scars in. That will just darker the light scars and not get the rest of your skin so you will not become darker.

When it comes to getting rid of scars - use Baiden Mitten followed with Bio Oil. That pretty much halves the appearance of scars.

To get rid of them completely you would have to go into Medical grade lasers, although I have no idea how they work with brown skin. You would have to ask a beauty therapist who specializes in scar removal or a doctor who does those things.

Sep 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've been invited to a black tie event next week. Unfortunately, tanning has never crossed my mind. But several months ago I was commissioned to decorate a garden party and was eatten by mosquitos on my arms, shoulder, chest, face and back. Needless to say, I'm very self concious now.
I have an overall caramel complexion and with this being my first time. I'm wondering which would be better - self spray tan or professional tan.
I live in sunny South Florida; which means muggy, sticky and humid.
Please help.

Answer: A lot of people can do self tanning but they would be the experienced ones. I would suggest that you don' start experimenting before a big event, because you just might not get it right.
Go to a salon and ask for the lightest spray tan two days before the event. Once you have your first shower after spray tanning the color will not run any more and you can go out into humid and sticky weather.
I am not sure what the connection is with mosquitoes, because spray tan will definitely not keep mosquitoes away, you will still have to use anti bug spray to do that.

Jul 20, 2011
by: Denise

Can spray tan replace foundation? I hate the way foundation looks on me. Will the tan help even out my face and make my acne scars less visible? By the way im Light Skinned.

Lots of people use spray tan instead foundation.It minimises a lot of problems, including acne scars.

Jul 01, 2011
Prom tan
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and have prom next week, my back has patches that are lighter than my body almost like a halleberry colour and I'm the xolour of Meagan good/Ashanti. Do you think a tan woldwork on me. I also feel self conscious due to my dress being backless. Also, would it give me a goldeny glow.

If it is just your back then I would use a self tanner and get your Mom or a friend to fill in the lighter patches.
Make sure that you only use a very small amount of solution (a q tip or a paint brush with excess solution squeezed out will do) as you could overdo it and have the light patches turn too dark.
You can always do a second coat the next day if you need to, but it is definitely better for the patches to be too light rather than too dark as then you will just create another problem.

May 14, 2011
by: Lucy

Like that girl that said she was 16 and had different shades, I am like that. I am all over the above, face is light, neck is super dark, chest is light, belly and butt dark, thigh down is light. I am so frustrated because I am so self aware whenever I go to the beach, I always have to wear a one piece. I get so embarrassed when I change in front of a friend. I just want to be normal.. You know evenly shaded. Will spray tan work.. I sort of want that bronze beyonce look cause most of me is light. I really don't know... :( what shade would you recommend?

Boshena's comment: Sounds like your skin color is definitely not boring, is it? All those different shades. I can understand your frustration.

Spray tan can help you, but it will be a matter of getting your lighter areas more closely to the dark ones. I don't think that you will be able to achieve Beyonce look. Spray tan makes the skin go darker, not lighter.
You could go to a salon where they spray with a hand held device and they will be able to soemwhat blend your color better.

Another thing you could do is to get a Baiden Mitten and scrub regularly every week with it. It evens out skin tone quite considerably, especially the dark areas. I am white, but had some very dark spots on my legs from mozzie bites that were there for years and with Baiden Mitten I was able to lighten them considerably within couple of months so that they do not bother me any more.

May 12, 2011
Pores very visible
by: Anonymous

I'm hispanic with dark skin color and I wanted to know if spray tanning could even out the keratosis pilaris (chicken skin, pores very dark and visible) on my legs so that I can FINALLY wear shorts in the summer without feeling ashamed

Boshena's comment: I had to look up what keratosis pilaris is and it seems that is has something to do with hair follicles that get plugged. If that is the case than you do not need spray tan but Baiden Mitten. It is amazing with ingrown hair, so if you would regularly exfoliate with it, you could probably control your condition very easily.
I am quite excited for you actually, because it possibly is the tool that you have been looking for and it is very likely to have huge positive effect on your condition.

If you decide to try it, please let me know how you go with it, I am really curious.

May 05, 2011
Need some advice;;
by: Anonymous

I'm mixed with like a caramel tone and I have dark stretch marks on my inner thighs and butt and wanted to know if spray tanning would cover them up or make them at least less visible.

Answer: Spray tanning will make them blend in a little bit better, but that is only a temporary solution.

For more long term results massage weekly (once your skin gets used to it you can do it daily) followed by Bio Oil and you will be able to very quickly make all those stretch marks much less visible.

Just note, that if you use Baiden Mitten then your stretch marks will first get worse before they get better, but it is a matter of only few days.

Apr 30, 2011
Women with Dark Skin
by: Dark Skins

Dear Spray Tan Madam,
I know what you meant when you said women of color, so please don't be offended but the better term to use would be darker skin, similar to what the people responsed used when describing their own skin tone.

Colors are colors, red, purple, green etc. People don't fit in there. Just letting you know from a place of love, if you continue to use that word, it's your choice.


Boshena's comment: These are the questions from my readers exactly how they entered them, that is how they call themselves, so I just repeat the description.
I live in Australia where we don't really have issues with skin color and our people with dark skin are called Aboriginal or Indigenous so I have no idea what is right or not in other countries.
Seems some people want to be called dark skinned, others women of color and I will just respect what they want :-)

Mar 14, 2011
spray tan
by: geeta

Question: I am indian skin with a dark brown / gray dull colored skin. how would my skin look after a spray tan? i want to look more yellow/orange/gold rather than gray

Answer: You would look darker. You would have to experiment with different solutions because some make the skin more golden, others more reddish brown. Go to the salon where they use a hand held device. They usually have few different solutions for different skin types and they can advise you which one you should use.

Make sure that you only have the lightest shade, you do not need to be darker, only more glowing.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am a dark skinned female & i have eczema & i have gotten it to go away finally & now i have extreme dark spots on my legs,back,arms & stomach...so I was thinking about getting a spray tan but is is possible for me to get a tan look flawless & finally feel beautiful & be able to go outside without hiding my legs? P.S My color is like Kelly Rowland in this picture http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=...w=1024&bih=578

Boshena's comment I just cannot picture what you mean about dark spots. I think the best what you could do is actually go into a spray tanning salon, show them your skin and ask them if they could even it out.

However, I am thinking that if they would even it out, you would all be very much darker, the color close to your spots. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for?

Before you go down the spray tanning way, I would suggest trying Baiden Mitten. I had some dark spots on my legs where I scratched out mosquito bite. They have been on my legs for ages, but considerably lightened only after few good scrubs with Baiden Mitten. I think that would be much more effective and what is more important - permanent solution to your problem.

Jun 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Im a medium brown skinned female who has really light stretch marks on breasts, arms, and tummy and want to know if the spray tan will help disguise the stretch marks and blend it with my skin. Also how do I ask the right questions to make sure the person doing my skin has the proper experience without insulting them.

Answer: Stretch marks will blend in better with spray tan, although they will still be visible, because they are shiny.

If you want to get rid of about half your stretch marks get yourself Baiden Mitten and follow each scrub with Bio Oil, which you can get in a pharmacy. Your stretch marks can first get angry, puffed up and shiny, but that just means that your body is starting to work on the.

Within few treatments a lot of them will be gone, especially if they are only thin. If you continue using Baiden Mitten regularly, within few months most of them will probably be gone altogether.

When it comes to asking questions of spray tanning technician just tell her that you are new to the experience, have an important occasion and would like somebody to spray you who has more experience than you.

Tell her that you do not mean to offend anybody, but you have seen some orange, patchy people and would like to avoid it if possible.

Remember that it is YOUR skin and you have a right to choose somebody whom you are comfortable with (although you can still be nice about it of course).

May 28, 2010
Help Please!
by: Anonymous

I'm 16. I'm an African America, I have like 5 different shades. My legs are light, my arms are like a dark brown, my face is light, my stomach is dark. Anywho i have scars on my legs from mosquitoes and chicken poxs. Will spray tan cover this up?

Answer: It will help. Go to a salon where they do spray tanning by hand and not in the automatic booth. They will most likely do a selective spray tanning just doing your lighter parts and leave the dark parts alone. That way you will be darker, but much more even.

Scars are likely to blend in better too.

Mar 24, 2010
What should i do?
by: Anonymous

Do you know if that same will work for my skin type, im indian and have a bit more coffee colored skin but i feel like its more dull then a golden coffee color i see. Even if im out in the sun, i tan an even duller brown.. what should i doo????

Answer: See my Skin Types page. You are a perfect candidate either for a very light spray tan or, if you prefer, you can get one of those solutions that build up a tan gradually and moisturize your body with it daily. It will give you a little bit golden color without making you a lot darker. That way you will go back to a golden color instead having that grayish shade.

Dec 23, 2009
Me too..
by: Anonymous

I've heard this answer many times. I really think it is something I would like to try but I don't know where to begin. I know that most tanning salons in MN have very light colors. If I used the darkest they have (which is still pretty light) would I receive the results your talking about. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can go or how i can go about finding out.

Boshena's comment: Spray tan is not like a foundation, you do not have to choose the darkest color if you have a dark skin. The lightest shade would very likely give you the results that you are after. I imagine that all you want is to get the skin to be all one shade?
For any spray tan technician it is the same procedure as filling in tan lines on the white person. So, let the technician help you with the choice of color. I am pretty sure that you will get a great result.

Feb 29, 2012
by: TiffyBunz

According to a review from an African American woman who tried out a spray tan, it covered her dark marks and gave her a golden glow. I am about to order my spray tan through a voucher site.

Apr 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

I agree with don't listen to all the black women it will just make us darker?Yeah right my skin looks golden when I spray tan.And Baiden mitten doesn't work for everything.BIO OIL didn't work for my Stretchmarks but a spray tan made them look a lot better.

Jul 12, 2011
by: Don't Listen

Your answers are non helpful and unreliable. I'm black and I spray tan to get a "golden glow". It won't just make women of color darker.

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