Will spray tanning make acne worse?

Question: I HAVE acne and scaring and im really worried that if i spray tan it might make it worse?

I used to have bad acne then i had this treatment done, my acne has slightly gone but can easily come back so im very worried about what i do and put on my face will it be okay to spray tan my face or will it get irritated and get loads of spots?

Answer: From my experience it seems that acne is actually helped by spray tanning. It could be because a lot of spray tanning solutions have aloe vera in the base.

However, every solution is different, so if you find a salon that you like, you might ask them to give you a sample of spray tanning solution you could try on your skin couple of weeks before you book your spray tan to see if you will get any reaction.

I used Magic Tan solution and I did not have a single case (that I know of) where spray tanning aggreviated anybody's acne, so it sounds promising.

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