Will spray tanning get rid of age spots?

by Brandi Keiling
(Ellijay, GA USA)

Question:I have age spots all over my body will it help get rid of them?

Answer: It will make them looks slightly better for few days, but from my own experience I know that age spots are often not only darker, but made of dry patches of skin which absorb more solution than the rest of the skin.

It often results with them becoming even darker after a spray tan and the color lasts for much longer than on the rest of the skin. So, after your spray tan wears off what you are left with is white skin with lots of very dark spots which take weaks to fade. It looks really bad.

The only way I found to get around the problem is to actually get rid of dry age spots first. The tool to do it with is Baiden Mitten
Use it about 2 - 3 times (treatments need to be a week apart) and the dry age spots will be gone. You can have your spray tan then and the color will be very uniform even if you still have some age spots which are darker in color than the rest of your skin.
The darker ones will blend in nicely when you spray tan but the color will wear off uniformly.

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