will spray tan stain my skin if applied over skin grafts

by Aia

I've always fancied a spray tan but tried fake tan when i was little over my skin graft. It permently stained an area my skin. I know tans etc have changed alot since then but i has made me frightened!
I've always wanted a spray tan but i'm worried if it was applied over my skin grafts it could stain and i wondered if salons do testing on a small area of skin first. So i could see how it faded etc and how the tan looked on them.

Answer I did not think that spray tan can permanently discolor skin graft! That is the first time I hear of it, but then again I never had a client with skin graft in my salon.
I am sure that any salon would do a test on your skin without any problem.
You could also try a gradual self tanner, but make sure that it is just clear white cream and does not have a yellowish or brownish tinge. That will mean that the tanning factor in it is only DHA and no bronzer is added.
DHA only discolors dead skin cells on top of your skin, so it should just fade without any problem at all as the skin exfoliates naturally.

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