Will spray tan fade at the beach?

by Claire
(Ashland, Ky)

Question: If i get a spray tan about 2 days before i go to the beach and i spend a lot of time in the ocean will the salt water cause the tan to fade more quickly than usual? Im going to holden beach and there usually arent much waves and i want the tan to help hide the stretch marks on my thighs, im also applying cocoa butter everyday to fade them.

Answer: Yes, if you spend a lot of time in the water your skin will exfoliate quicker (because the top layer of your skin will be softened by moisture) and your tan will rub off.

To counteract this you could get a tube of one of those moisturizers that contain some tanning solution in it which builds up the tan slowly and every evening after a quick shower moisturize your whole body with it.
It will give your tan a boost and repair some small damage so that you will not fade in patches and you will be able to keep your tan a bit longer.

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