will spray tan cover up my sun spots

by Uncle P
(Friendswood Texas)

Question: I dont want to look like a cheetah. I suffer from a common sun spot fungi condition of the skin. thats why i want to spray tan. The sun makes it worse. either way i will do it just because its a great invention for a good price.

Answer:There is a great chance that you WILL look like a cheetah, because sun spots have a tendency to be drier than the rest of the skin, therefore they absorb more spray tanning solution and turn darker. It can be especially visible as the tan wears off but your sun spots still stay dry.

Luckly, there is a great remedy for this in a shape of Baiden Mitten which helps A LOT with the dry spots. You might need more than one go with it for really good result, but I have seen amazing results. The only problem - it does not work very well on hairy guys, as the mitten cannot get a good grip. So, if your spots are on your face, than it is a good idea, but if they are on your hairy arms or legs, nothing that I know of will help.

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Dec 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

I also have sunspots all over my legs and arms :(... I just ordered a baiden mitten and beautisol self tanning lotion as suggested on this website.

I'm booked in for laser hair removal of my legs. Will the help of the baiden mitten and the laser hair removal help reduce the visibility of the sunspots?

Baiden Mitten should help a lot. Just don't use it just before your laser hair removal. It seems that your skin needs this protection of dead skin layer during laser procedure. I made the mistake of using Baiden Mitten a day before my appointment and it was very uncomfortable.
Leave at least couple of days space before using Baiden Mitten (and after as well) as it is too much stress for the skin to have both close together.

If you want to fade your age spots all together you will need a different type of laser hamp than the one they use for hair removal. It uses different light frequency.

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