Will spray tan cover stretch marks

by cynthia
(texas city tx)

Question: well i want to sray tan but i want to cover my stretch marks to fade a little bit.. i hate them at least i want them to fade a little bit.. will spray tanning help??

Answer: Spray tan will camouflage stretch marks a bit but they still will be visible.

If you want to fade your stretch marks a lot get yourself a Baiden Mitten. That is the best tool for stretch marks. For the first couple of times that you will scrub your stretch marks they will become angry and red, but that is actually a good reaction that means that they have been targeted. If you use the mitten once every week for a year, you will not only get rid of stretch marks completely (or close to it) but you will also have a beautiful skin. Guaranteed - my very old and quite horrific pregnancy stretch marks are hardly visible now and I have only used the mitten for about 4 months. I am pretty convinced that in another 8 months there will not be a stretch mark on my whole body.
I cannot speak highly enough of this little beauty aid.

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Jun 28, 2014
will the spray tan cover my dark marks
by: Anonymous

Will spray tan cover dark marks on my legs?? Thats the reason I want to get this done I have a lot of scars on my body

Answer: Spray tan will make everything darker, including your already dark marks. Yes, they will blend in a little bit better, but will still be quite visible.

Instead of spray tanning, I would suggest using Baiden Mitten instead http://baidenmitten.com
That takes care of most stretch marks and scars by lightening them. It will take about 4-6 once a week sessions. Then you can get a spray tan and that should make the stretch marks and scars a lot less visible.

Jul 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have stretch marks that are white will that help it out?

Yes, spray tan will help blend in stretch marks better, but stretch marks are of different structure than the rest of the skin, they are shiny. So, if you spray them brown they will still be shiny, but brown.
It works for me, they are a lot less visible, but the biggest difference to my stretch marks were regular treatments with Baiden Mitten and Bio Oill.

Apr 05, 2011
your post

is this true? i am kinda hesitant to do that because i do not want them to get worse!!! i hate my stretch marks and just want to look good in a bikini

Boshena's comment: Yes, absolutely. By scrubbing with Baiden Mitten I have got my stretch mark to the point that they do not bother me any more (I wrote the previous post over a year ago). They are still visible, but since I do not really wear a bikini all that often I could not be bothered to dilligently work on them. Stretch marks get scrubbed when my whole body gets scrubbed and I do not give them any additional treatment.

I used Baiden Mitten followed by Bio Oil. Bio Oil by itself has a marked effect on the stretch marks, but it works even better with Baiden Mitten.

It will definitely not make them worse, because when you think about it, doctors use lasers and needling to minimise scars and those treatments are really brutal so treating stretch marks requires treating them roughly.

Baiden Mitten is a very gentle treatment compared to those above and you can start with a light massage under a shower and make it firmer when your skin get used to it.

Anyway, I saw a marked improvement in my stretch marks after just 2 treatments and my stretch marks were really old at that stage, so I thought nothing would help them.

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