Will spray tan cover stretch marks?

by mikayla

Question: will a spray tan help to cover stretch marks? i have them on my thighs (inside and outside) and on my boobs. and i am a little over weight. will weight be a problem?

Answer: Spray tan does cover stretch marks. If they are still red than they will be darker although they WILL blend in better. If they are already white, they will just become darker, but will still glisten.

The coverage will not make them totally invisible, but they will be less noticable, so I guess that is better than nothing?

When it comes to being overweight - spray tanning technicians are used to all different types of bodies so there should not be any problem. You must prepare yourself to assume some different positions when directed by the technician, some of them quite strange, so that they can spray inside every little fold and under boobs, but the result should be great.
If you are self conscious about your weight, you can always use the automatic booth, and just use your hands (make sure you have some latex gloves on) to spread the tanning solution under boobs and buttocks and anywhere else that the spray might not reach.

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