Will spray tan come off on my Prom dress.

by Samantha
(Middleburg, Fl, U.S)

Good versus Bad spray tan.

Good versus Bad spray tan.

Question: My Prom is in a couple more weeks and I don't have time for a tanning bed. My friend got a spray tan last year the day before Prom, and when Prom was over her dress had stains on it and not to mention her boyfriends tux now had stains too. How many days before Prom should I go to still have all the tan, with out the stains?

Answer: The best time is to have spray tan two days before prom, so that you have couple of showers before you put your dress on.
Also, if possible find a place where they don't use any bronzer in the solution. Usually places that have booths like MagicTan or Mystic Tan will use solution with very little, or any bronzer.

Bronzer is necessary for salons where they spray you with airbrush gun, because the technician has to see which places she sprayed, and which places she hasn't done yet. The booths don't need the bronzer, because they always spray you evenly, hence the salons have a luxury of clear solution.

When spray tanning, bronzer gets in your pores and you sweat, it comes out and stains your dress. The darker the bronzer, the more problems you will have.

1) If possible get sprayed with a solution without bronzer, or with very little bronzer.

2) If you are having solution with bronzer, shave or wax your legs about 24 hours before spray tan as the bronzer will get into the newly created pores and give you a "spotty" look. If there is no bronzer, it doesn't matter when you shave your legs, as long as it is BEFORE the spray tan.

3)Get only a light tan. You should be the star, not your spray tan! You are suppose to glow, and a light spray tan will give you that without taking all the attention from your face and the dress.
Most girls really overdo it, and it really takes away from the overall effect.

Have a look at the picture of Liz Hurley and Donatella Versace. Liz got it right, when you look at her you can see all her features, you notice her hair and dress, while when you look at Donatella you just concentrate on the excessive tan. Don't do it to yourself.

4)Consider your partner. If he is very white, it just does not look good if you are very dark. As I said before, a glow will be just great.

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May 08, 2008
by: spray tan brisbane

Hi there,
We found the best thing to do was have a tan the day befor an event, around mid-day and have a shower just befor bed allowing time for the tan to soak in.

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