will spray tan come off in swimming pools

by Shauna



Question: As i said in the summary I'm going away on hols with my boyfriend who tans with the sight of the sun yet I'm not that lucky so i resort to faking it.
I don't want to look like a milk bottle during my hols and i thought a spray tan would do the job yet now i'm not so sure as I was wondering does the tan come off in swimming pools?

Answer: If you swim in chlorinated pools, you will be milk white all the time, because chlorine bleaches spray tans in few minutes flat.
Salt water is much better for spray tans, although long swims will soften your skin and get the fake tan to exfoliate really quickly.

So, short swims in salt water are OK, but to extend your fake tan as long as you can, get a tube of one of those creams that build the tan gradually and after every swim (and a shower) moisturize your body with it. It will return some of the color and blend in any damage so you can stay brown for your whole holidays.

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