Will spray on tanning blend with a current tan line?

Question: I got a sunburn. Now I will have a weird tan line. Will spray on tanning help make my non-burnt areas blend in with the tan I get after the burn goes away?

Answer: If you are going for a spray tan make sure that you go to one where they use a hand held device. They will be able to fill in the white areas with more solution and spray tan the darker areas only slightly. That will even out the tan pretty well.

If you would choose a booth, it spray tans everything pretty evenly, so your tan lines would still be visible, although they would blend it a little bit better.

However, make sure that you treat your burn with a lot of aloe vera before you even contemplate spray tanning to soothe it down and diminish the danger of peeling.
If it peels it will look terrible if you spray tan or not.

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