Will my Spots get aggreviated with spray tanning?

by Gemma

Question: I used to go on the sunbeds a lot and had a lovely tan, but then i started to get spots and they became inflammed and more appeared to the point wer all my chin area was covered in spots :S and would inflame wen applied anything on my face !!
I stopped goin on the sunbeds and i am now really pale and look ill and i am going out for my bday on satdy so im booked in for a spray tan.... My spots r almost gone but are still ther and sometimes still get a lil irritated.. Will the spray tan affect my spots in any way and is it ok to still go for my spray tan ???

And do you have any good tips ??

Answer: I can feel your pain. It is so nice to be brown, but with sun beds you pay the price one way or another.
When it comes to spray tanning, the solution usually does not irritate spots because most solutions are aloe vera based and this usually calms the skin, but if you are sensitive to any other ingredient in the spray tanning solution, than it might have an effect. Uf you are concerned, go to the salon where you are going to be spray tanned and ask for a tiny bit of the solution that they are going to use. Put that on your chin and you will see if there will be any bad reaction. Yes, you will have a brown chin for few days, but you can camouflage it with mineral make up, but at least you will know if there is a chance that you might break out on your big day.

As for the tips- yes, I have tons of those, in fact all my website is about spray tanning, so just have a browse around and you will learn a lot. The biggest tip- exfoliation is crucial.

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