Will moisturizing a day or two before your spray tan, help or hurt?

by Alyssa
(DuBois, PA)

Question:I have pretty dry skin. I don't normally care for it but I'm going to get a spray tan on Friday. I have been using products such as bag balm, bath & body works lotions, & baby oil, especially on my elbows, knees, & ankles since Wednesday. Now I stopped toight which is Thursday. I plan to exfoliate tonight & tomorrow before my spray tan. Now I'm not sure if I did the right thing? I'm all about getting my moneys worth & want the spray tan to last as long as possible. Please tell me if I ruined my chances of keeping my spary tan as long as possible or if I did nothing, or if I help the spray tan extend.

Answer: No, you did not ruin your chances of a great spray tan at all. It always helps to have your skin in good condition.
It is good that you stopped moisturizing though. Your skin needs to be oil and moisturizer free so that the solution can actually effect it. If you have an oily surface, everything will just slip off.
Do not moisturize after you exfoliate and you should be fine.

Another things - Baby oil is a killer of spray tans (it is made of petroleum), so best not to use it - ever. It actually dries out the skin in the long run. Use something natural, plant derived that will work with your skin.

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