Will injuries affect my spray tan?

by nicole

Question: I have injuries on my legs (scrapes, cuts, and bruises) from playing sports. will this affect my spray tan?

Answer: Bruises will just get darker along with the rest of the skin, but scratches which have scabs on them will become white after the scab comes off. My suggestion is, just keep a bottle of spray tan or a tube of self tanner handy and repair those places when they need it. For thin scratches just dip a cotton bud in a spray tanning solution and gently wipe over the white places.
If you have open wounds, I would either not have a spray tan, or if you really want to, put a waterproof band-aid over it.

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Feb 24, 2017
Spray Tans and Bruises
by: Sarah

Hi, I fell really hard on a rock edge and ended up with a long scrap and really bad bruising underneath. The scrap has no open wounds and has healed nicely within a day and feels like normal skin - there are no hard scabs. The bruises are a deep blue purplish color and one patch is green. I was just wondering what would the outcome of spray tanning with this injury look like? And would I be allowed to get spray tanned? Thanks.

Answer If there are no open wounds or scabs, the skin will just look as if you have an olive skin with a bruise. The bruise will still be darker.

Dec 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have put tan on my legs and my cut has darker with it. Like the scab has turned black...what can I do? Help!!

Answer All you can do now is to treat it with make up to lighten it till it falls off. There is really nothing else you can do.

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