will hyperhydrosis effect the tan?

by jen kelly
(middleboro mass)

Question: i am interested on spray tanning... but i have hyperhydrosis meaning i sweat a lot more than your average person... especially on my hands, feet, inner thighs and head. will this make me streak or "blotchy"? will i have to keep up with the spray tan more?

Answer: Yes, your excessive sweating can have bad effect on your spray tan, because anything water based is a number one enemy of a spray tan.

Is there anything you can do like spend couple of hours after spray tanning in an airconditioned room to keep cool and stop you from sweating? I must say that I do not know too much about this condition so probably will not be much help here.

If I were you I would try it out with self tans first and see how your sweating affects those. This will be a cheaper way if it goes bad.

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