Will a spray tan make me orange since i have pale skin?

by Scarlett
(Barbourville, Kentucky, USA)

Question: I'm going to get a spray tan today for my snowball dance. And the only problem is I'm afraid that because my skin is sorta pale that I will be orange. Will this happen?

Answer: Usually, the reason you see people looking orange after a spray tan is because very pale people want to get a dark tan.
When you are very pale, the only shade of the tan for you is the very lightest one. It contains the smallest amount of DHA and will only give you a glow, not a tan. Which is great, because your dress will look better, your hair will look as if it has more shine, your teeth will be whiter and you eyes will sparkle.
People will say - look how great Scarlett looks today, not -look at the fake tan that Scarlett is wearing.
Fake tan is meant to be YOUR accessory and not the other way around.

Get the lightest one, and you will look great.

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