Will a spray tan conceal dark hair follicles on my legs??

Question: Obv. I will shave for prom but I have very coarse dark hair will it help conceal the dark specials or dots as well as some
bruises and dark knees ??

Answer: Spray tan should camouflage all of the above a bit (not totally), but you must do certain things to get the best effects:

  • Make sure you exfoliate really, really well one day ahead, especially those dark knees.
  • Shave at the same time (or you might choose waxing), so that the pores of the skin have a chance to close properly before spray tanning solution is applied. If you shave on the same day as spray tanning then the pores will not close fully and spray tanning solution will lodge in those pores giving you spotty look which is not very attractive.
  • Just before spray tanning make sure you apply a coat of barrier cream (available at the salon)to darker areas like knees and elbows to prevent too much solution making those areas even darker
  • Make sure that you go to a salon that offers a spray tan applied by a technician and not a spray tan booth, as they will be able to blend in those dark knees better by giving them a lighter spray than to the rest of the body. The booth just sprays the whole body the same.
  • Get only the lightest spray tan. The idea of prom spray tan is to make you glow and show off your dress, make up and hair and not make the tan a feature.

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