Why does my spray tan crack?

Question: I am using Loreal Sumblime glow and I have spots that look amazing and then my arms are cracking? Why does this happen. I have scrubbed the dead skin away before spraying the mist on but I still am cracking. I want a nice looking tan but I don't know what else to do, this even happen last year when I went and used a tanning salon spray machine. What can I do to fix this?

Answer: I have come across this problem once only when a client came back with the tan cracking on her tummy.
We tried extra exfoliating, moisturizing before spray tanning and nothing worked.
We could not find a way to prevent it, so we went the other way and worked out a way to fix it.

You know those creams that include some self tanning solution? They build up the tan slowly. My client used it to moisturize her tummy daily and the cracked tan effect blended in very nicely with the rest of her color.

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