why cant i get a fake tan to work form me?

by victoria
(orange tx)

Question: i have tried a lot of self tanning lotions and they all make me orange, well not on my legs. it just makes the pores where my leg hair grows orange. i tried the spray tan a at a tanning salon. i did everything she told me to do. exfoliate, lotion, baby oil, no tight clothes, shave, ect. i even didn't shower that night and the next morning... yep still pale white. i know i can tan. my arms, chest, neck, shoulders and face are really tan. it looks really odd having the top half tan the bottom half pale. please help.

Answer: That is really interesting. In all my years in spray tanning industry I have only found one person that spray tanned orange no matter what she did. It is very rare, but spray tanning is not for everybody.

Before you give up, however, I would just try one more thing. Get yourself a Baiden Mitten, and scrub really well after you have soaked for about 20 minutes in clear water with some Epsom Salts 2 days before spray tanning or applying self tan (seems like a better idea to test it out). Then, on the day of spray tanning have a shower using just ordinary soap, without any moisturizers, so your skin is oil free.

Baiden Mitten -I am convinced was invented for spray tanners, because it takes care of most problems associated with spray tanning. The deep exfoliation removes a layer of dead skin cells that might have too much trapped oil from soaps, moisturizers and body secretions. I have found that I get most even and long lasting tans when I use it.
If that does not work, the problem must be in your skin chemistry. Spray tanning works on totally different principle than sun tanning so you cannot compare the two. Just because you can get a sun tan does not mean that you will also be successful in spray tanning.

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Jun 10, 2016
Spray tanning doesn't change my skin tone like it use to!:(
by: MJ

Hey! I've had the same problem. I use to get spray tans all the time and they worked great. Then one session recently it stopped tanning my skin. I even went yesterday and paid extra to get the dark tan. But it still isn't working like it use to. If I was able to take color before, why is my skin doing this to me? I haven't changed anything that I've done previously to get prepped for the tanning so it's confusing.

The first thing I would think of is that if you had it done in the same salon, than it could be that their solution is either out of date or has been exposed to heat which makes it inactive. Try a different salon before you draw a conclusion that it is your skin.

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