why am i not darker after spray tanning 24 hours later?

by Brittany

Question: I got a spray tan yesterday (17 hours ago), have not showered, have not sweat, and I still have almost no color. The technician at the tanning salon told me it would most likely take until the next day for any effect to show, but I looked on the Mystic Tan website (I used a Mystic Tan booth), it said that the DHA in the solution will begin to darken within 2-3 hours. I'm concerned as to why this solution didn't work like I assumed it would. I followed all the instructions the technician gave me. I even read the instructions poster hanging on the wall beside the booth, just to make sure I didn't miss anything when the technician explained it to me. I want something out of this. I don't want to have wasted $17 to have no color. My question is: Why am I not darker almost 24 hours later?!

Answer:There can be few reasons. One, if you got the lightest shade and spray tanned in the nude then you only have a glow and it is so even that you do not realize that there in fact is a considerable difference.

Second, you have one of those skins that might need a stronger dose of DHA to turn any color.

Third, the solution in the booth might have been stale and so you would not get any color whatsoever.

Ring the salon and tell them what happened, they might have an answer for you.

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