White sun patches on skin.

by cheryl hadden

Question: im getting a spray tan next week but i used to have dry skin patches on my arms and face but now when i tan they stay white. When i gt the spray tan will it show up patchy or will it be covered up?

Answer: If I am not mistaken you are talking about a phenomenon that I call white sun patches, i.e. whenever you go into the sun, you go nice and brown except for small patches that stay white.

I had a client covered in those, but she always got a flawless spray tan. If you want to test it, just apply some self tanner over the area where they usually appear and see if it all gets covered uniformly.

If they are in fact dry patches as you say, you might have to exfoliate extra carefully around those areas, because dry skin tends to absorb more solution and turns darker then the rest of your body.
That would just reverse the problem. Instead of being covered in white patches, you would have brown ones instead!

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