White is beautiful, too.

by Meg
(Sunny Southwest)

Adonia Organics Bronzing Glow

Adonia Organics Bronzing Glow

I never went in the sun because my cousin, also a redhead died of melanoma shortly after turning 30. But, like in all fashion we pale types want to change it up if we can. Recently I went from the Lily Cole look to something a bit more Lindsey Lohan. I used Adonia organics Bronzing Glow and the money was worth the ease of application, good smell, slow fading, and natural look. The only problem is that it is pretty unforgiving. My brown palms lasted for at least a week of scrubbing and vinegar soaking!

Boshena's comment: I think that white is beautiful as well, but it is nice to have a change every now and then. Fake tan makes more sense than solarium one for so many reasons.

Although your photo does not do the justice to your tan, I am sure it is beautiful. Next time use latex gloves when applying fake tan. Click here to see how to do it well.

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