Which tanning method is better.

Question: Whats Better a Mystic Tan or an AirBrush Tan

Answer: It is a matter of preference. Mystic Tan is private and quick, while with airbrush tan you can customize solution better to your skin coloring and preference.Spray tan also can be be more even (although I never got uneven tan in a booth) and the technician can even sculpt muscles where there are none.

I like the booth better because I don't like standing butt naked in front of anybobody and freezing that butt off while the technician takes her sweet time to spray me evenly. I jump in, do my positions and jump out after one minute, and in another 3 minutes I am gone. That is comfort for me.

However I have friends that would not have spray tan done in a booth, because they want it to be PERFECT, and that pretty much has to be done by hand.

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