When to get spray tan before photo session?

by Lynn
(Chaska MN)

Question: I have my senior pictures in 2 weeks, i dont know when i should get my spray tan. Like how far before. I have never done it before so im super scared that im going to have streaks or turn orange before my pictures.?

Answer: Two days before in the evening if you can. Most spray tans take at least 24 hours to develop to their full potential, so you will be taking the photos at the time when your spray tan will be best.
Get the lightest shade, that way there is very little chance of you turning orange. People who turn orange usually want a very dark tan on a very white skin. It just does not work well.

You need not panic about problems with your spray tan. If for some strange reason it would go terribly wrong (very, very unlikely) you can always just use foundation make up to tone it down.
Very simple solution and works great.
So, relax and don't worry, you will look sensational.

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