When is the best time to get a spray tan if it is for an occasion

Question: If you are having it done for an occasion when is the best time to get it done, i am going to a wedding on a saturday but leaving friday afternoon so shall i have it done in the morning or on the thursday night?

Would really like some help with this

Many thanks

Answer: Thursday night is the optimal time to have your spray tan. It will give the tan a chance to develop overnight and in the morning you can shower, take care of any problems like possibly giving soles of your feet a scrub to remove excess color. After that you should moisturize your whole body.

That way you will have time to do everything you need to without stress and have a perfect tan on Saturday. As a general rule the tan is at it's best two days after application because on the first day after application it can be a little bit orange before the skin processes it fully.

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