when i got a spray tan i turned orange the first day, and then the rest of the time i was a nice dark tan. why did this happen?

by michelle

Question: the first time i ever had a spray tan i slept with it on and took a shower in the morning. When i got out of the shower i had a orange tint. Only for the rest of the week i had a nice tan that i wanted. I am very fair skined and i was wondering if that could be a factor in this situation.

Answer: Very fair skin tends to get an orange tint if the skin absorbs too much DHA, which is the tanning factor in the spray tanning solution. The way to avoid it is to get the lightest tan possible, or do a bit of research and find a solution that does not react with your skin in such way.

Different spray tanning solutions can not only have different amounts of DHA in them but also different quality of DHA so you might get different results. It is like with every cosmetic - you have to find the one that works best with your skin.

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