What to do before a spray tan?

What to expect on your first spray tan and how to get the best out of it!

I decided to get my first spray tan 10 years ago. I was using a UV sunbed at the time, only once a fortnight and started to get very dry skin (the beginning of the aging process) , the turning point for me was the day i looked in the mirror and noticed a horrible age spot on my cheek! That was the last day I used UV sunbeds!

I looked around the local area and found a spray tan therapist.

Ten years on I have experienced many different types of spray tans , applications and techniques. Now as a therapist myself i believe in informing the new client on what to expect and how they can keep a beautiful look all through the year.

When you decide to book a spray tan, try to make sure its a day or two before any special event. The tan will look its best around this time. With daily moisturising the tan could last up to 2 weeks and fade evenly.

Twenty four hours before your tan, exfoliate thoroughly, if you forget this stage, your tan won’t look even and may look dark and patchy in very dry areas; though a good therapist can help soften the dry areas with barrier cream before a spray if needed. A good therapist should look out for this. Tell yourtherapist if you have forgotten to exfoliate.

Spray Tan Therapist Arrive for your tan in loose clothing and plan ahead for what kind of tan line you would like left behind. Most of my customers opt for a thong, though you can wear a bikini or go totally naked as some people don’t like a tan line.Personally i like to have a look at my white lines afterwards to show the difference in skin colour.

Don’t wear jewellery , though a wedding ring is fine. Remove all make up and deodorants. This can be done with a baby wipe if you are coming straight from the office.

Pack a spare thong, i tend to keep a pair in my bag that i like the tan line of, just for my own spray tans. Your therapist should have disposable underwear if you forget, though they are not the most attractive!

Also tie your hair up, and wear the provided cap, especially if you have lightened hair as the solution may darker your hair colour.

Upon arrival, your therapist should have a consultation with you on your skin type, any illnesses and what kind of tan you want and for what occasion. As a therapist i ask what the client is wearing out to any special event so that i can customise the effect of the tan.

The therapist will then ask you to undress and give you a robe to wear, may apply some barrier cream, give you a hair cap towear and give you some sticky feet protectors so the solution in the tanning booth won’t absorb into your dry feet.

You will then step into the booth in your chosen item of underwear and be placed in a variety of positions to be sprayed. Some solutions can be cold and have different scents, some are applied at room temperature and have no smell!I would advise you to research solutions and talk to your therapist if you have any concerns regarding the solution used.

The process in the tanning booth should take about 5 - 10 minutes and after this stage you then step out and get dressed. You should be feeling dry at this point. I have had some solutions needing a 5 minute dry off, which is not goodif you are standing there naked in front of a fan! I use an instant drying solution now to keep my customers happy.

You should ideally wait 8 hours before having a shower, this will allow for the solution to soak in the skin.In this time try to avoid excessive sweating.

After your shower, moisturise and check you tan. If there are any problems, give your therapist a call. Its important you get good advice and if there is a problem the therapist would rather know than lose a customer.

The therapist should give you good after care advice before you leave for home for you to keep your tan looking good as long as possible and for an even fade off.

* Shower lightly the day after.
* Don’t scrub your skin as this will remove the outer layer that your tan solution is attached to!
* Pat skin dry after shower. NO RUBBING.
* Avoid swimming if possible.
* Skin will naturally shed everyday so the key is to moisturise all over everday avoiding oil products!
* As the face wears off quicker, you could use a facial tan extender, yourtherapist should be able to provide or recommend one that works with your tan.
* As fade off starts , normally after day 6, gently exfoliate any patchyareas, i.e knees, ankles, underarms.
Basically moist and supple skin will retain a beautiful spray tan far longer!

Bio:This article is written by Donna Foster who is the owner of DecadentGlow. Donna has been experiencing spray tans for 10 years and has been running DecadentGlow for about a year now. DecadentGlow specialise in Spray Tan Bournemouth in Dorset in the UK.

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