whats the best spray tan product?

by jenn

Question: i've been using mystic tan and it's okay but i have to have a baseline sun tan to make it look good.

Answer: If there was one product that would be the best for everybody than eventually it would be found and nobody would buy others.

The unfortunate truth is that everybody is different, they have different skin chemistry, different skin color and different preferences, so it is impossible to make "the best" spray tan product that would please everybody.

That is why you have to do a bit of experimenting and find the product that is best for you.

Myself when I go spray tanning I use MagicTan, but when I do fake tanning I ALWAYS use Safe Tan because it not only gives a kick ass color which is not too golden, but also is really easy to apply and most importantly - it does not contain any nasty chemicals. Love it - it is definitely the best for me.

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