What types of lotion can I use?

by Alyssa
(DuBois, PA)

Question: I just got a spray tan today & plan on doing all your tips to keeping it last & look good. Heres my problem, all I have in my house as of now is lotions that either contain alcohol or petroleum. Can you give me some examples of lotions that don't contain this or help last my spray tan... & maybe if your not to busy list a couple body washes.
By the way my spray tan came out wonderful.
& this site is extremely helpful. (:

Answer: I am glad that your tan came out great and thank you for your kind words :-)

Spray tanning salons usually have a range of products that are good to use to keep your tan in top condition. Different countries have different products, and personally for a body wash I use a natural product that I buy at a health food shop. I use it all the time, if I am tanning or not, because I just happen to be very sensitive to chemical products.

When it comes to tan extending lotion All Season Glow by Beautisol is one of my favorites.

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