what to do with a contact dermatitis from spray tan?

Question: If someone where to have a contact dermatitus/reaction to solution, what should be done? Has this ever happened to you?

Answer: No it hasn't, in fact skin problems were usually helped with the spray tanning solution as mine had a good dose of aloe vera in it.
However, I did have 2 clients + myself that had an allergic reaction to spray tanning solution.
I always had my clients sign a questionare and a disclaimer before spray tanning which asked them if they had any allergies.
When the reaction happened both times I really sympathized with them and gave their money back, although it had nothing to do with quality of my solution. I was just so sorry that it happened to them that I felt bad having them pay for something that made them suffer.
I have never got cocky and aggressive about it as some people do, just acknowledged that different people's skin react differently to same cosmetics and yes, sometimes they even clash. Both times poor clients were very appologetic about it and one lady did not even want to take the money because she thought it was not my fault (I won and she took it eventually).
However, even if you are doing it only part time it is a good idea to take out an insurance just in case somebody has a really bad reaction and they decided to sue you. It is also a good idea to find out what type of insurance your supplier has. When I had my booth I used one solution exclusively and was covered by that manufacturer's insurance.

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