what spf lotion to use after a spray tan.

Question what spf lotion should i use when sun bathing after my spray on tan 1 am going to wedding in cyprus and only arrive 2 das before every one else will already have been there 7 days

Answer: Use SPF15 as some SPF30+ remove your tan. However - and this is CRUCIAL, DO NOT spend a lot of time in the sun.
A lot of people thing that since they already have a tan that it will somehow protect their skin, but this is UNTRUE. Your skin under that fake tan is as white as Nicole Kidman's and it will burn to a crisp if you stay in the sun too long.

Remember that sun in Cyprus is much, much stronger than in UK so, stay in the direct sunlight no longer than 20 minutes (and NOT between 10am and 2pm) otherwise you will burn and peel and it will look terrible.
Instead get a bottle of tan extending lotion and apply once a day after a shower and it will give your tan a boost, so you will look as good, if not better than all those people that have been frying for a week.

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