what is the best(quality, performance, price, manufacturer) spary gun out today?

by johnb
(salt lake city utah)

Question: in the market today, what is the most popular spray tanning gun which includes price, quality gun and quality spray tan.

Answer: I would like the answer to this question myself. However, whenever I talk to spray tanning professionals, they all like and praise different things.
Some of them like airbrush others HVLP guns, some of them like light equipment, others prefer more sturdy ones, still to others the amount of noise the machine makes is the most important factor or how well it looks.

I have heard as many different opinions as there are technicians.
The best way to find one that you will like is to go to some sort of convention and handle them all getting as much info as you can on different models. Than you can decide which machine matches your particular needs.

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