What is the best brand of self tanner to purchase?

by Jennifer
(Ewa Beach, HI, USA)

Question: I have used Oceanic and it runs after it has been on for two days. Is there a better brand to purchase so that after it has developed I can sweat at the gym or wear a strapless white evening gown ??

Answer: If there was one self tanning product that would be good for all types of skin, we would not have all the thousands of products on the market.

Trouble is, what is a great spray tanning product for one person can be totally unsuitable for somebody with different skin type.

So, you should experiment a little to find the best product for you.

I know, it can be quite an expensive exercise, but since most people have few products in their drawer that they spent money on and cannot use for some reason, maybe it would be an idea to swap with friends. Alternatively, try some of the product that works for them on a small part of your body, just to see if it is something you would be willing to purchase.

For myself, after many years of trying different stuff, I finally settled on a product called SafeTan.
The reason I chose that particular self tanning product is that my criteria is not only to get a great tan that lasts for many days, but also I want it to be as chemical free as possible.

I am not such a slave to beauty that I would ruin my health for it.
Some of the products on the market use too many doubtful ingredients for me to be comfortable with.

Not only that, but there is 100% money back guarantee on SafeTan, and I like companies that are willing to put their money on the line for something they sell. That usually means that they have integrity and are confident that their product will deliver what they promise.

If you want to read more about this product click here

You write that you would like to find a product that would not come off when you sweat in your gym sessions.

Unfortunately, when you sweat, your skin exfoliates, and because DHA (the tanning agent in self tanners) affects only the top layer of the skin, that layer comes off as well.

The best solution available at this time is to "top up your tan" after every gym session with a tan extending product.

You can read about it on my "after spray tan" page.

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