What happens when the spray tan starts fading?

by ec alba
(canton ga.)

Question: i heard when its about to start fading it fades in some spots and not others..i dont want to look sick..

Answer: Spray tanning only affects the top layer of the skin. That is when as the skin exfoliates naturally, the tan rubs off as well.

As different areas of the body exfoliate faster than others (places that sweat, parts of the body most exposed and used like face, hands, feet and places where your clothes are tight - waistbands, bra straps etc) you can get some patchiness.

The way to minimize it is:
1. Only get a light spray tan - that way the contrast between your spray tan and your natural skin color will not be too extreme, and as the tan wears off it will blend in better.

2. Look after your tan with tan extending lotions and creams.

3. Avoid activities that rub too much off your skin cells like strenous exercising, swimming (especially in chlorinated water) and using harsh clensers on your body (gentle body washes are the best)

4. Keeping your skin well moisturized

Once you learn the routine, keeping your tan looking great should take no more than 10 minutes a day.

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