What does Baiden Mitten do for acne?

by Caroline
(Brooklyn, NY)

Question: What does Baiden Mitten do for acne?

Answer: In most people it helps a lot, because it opens up the pores and so sebum that is supposed to flow out of them does not get trapped and get infected. That way Baiden Mitten will prevent pimples rather then curing them.

However, if you have lots of pussy pimples you might have to get them under control first, before you use Baiden Mitten. Those pussy sacs are full of bacteria and if you use Baiden Mitten on those then they will rip open and spread this bacteria all over your skin. That could cause MORE pimples, not less.

So, you will have to make a decision depending how bad your acne is.

Also, for my daughter acne became worse for a short while when she started using Baiden, but cleared up really quickly and now she has fenonmenal skin.

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