What do I wear during the spray tanning session?

by Patricia
(Los Angeles, CA)

Question: I was wondering what is the appropriate attire. . bikini top and bottom, just bikini bottom or in the buff?

Answer: It depends what is comfortable for you AND the spray tan technician (unless you spray tan in the booth where people usually spray tan nude since there is nobody in the room with them).

If you go for an airbrush spray tan and you feel comfortable in the nude, than give the technician curtesy of asking them if it is acceptable to them. Topless is just normal, and most technicians, if they do not want to see you nude will provide you with a disposable thong.
If wearing a bikini bottom make sure it is dark in color as some fabrics get stained with the solution.
If you are uncertain about the nudity rules at the salon you plan to spray tan at, just ask them. They answer that question many times, so they will not be surprised at all.

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