what do i wash my face with ???!

Question: i have acne and i need to use something?? i just got a spray tan and i want a clean face buh i dnt want to wash all my tan away what do i do???

Answer: That is the tricky one, since most acne washes contain some sort of ingredient that exfoliates the skin. That of course will take the tan off.

You might skip the acne washes for few days because a lot of people with acne find that spray tanning solution often makes their acne better since it contains a lot of aloe vera.
To keep your face clean just wash your face with a mild face wash or better still clean water and a microdermabrasion cloth.

Alternatively you could still use the acne wash and follow it with a tan extending lotion, which is a cream or lotion that contains some spray tanning solution in it. It builds up the tan slowly, or if you already have a tan, it gives it a boost. That way, even if you would take some color off with your acne wash, you could repair it with the tan extending lotion.

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