What do I do in the shower after a spray tan?

Question: When I go in the shower will my tan come off? Do I scrub my body?

Answer: DO NOT scrub your body after a spray tan.

If you spray tan and the solution has some bronzer in it (you will know if it does because you will be brown immediately)then that bronzer will come off in the shower.
But of course you will not have a shower for at least 5 hours after a spray tan and during this time your skin will gradually darken underneath the bronzer. That is why you will sometimes get scary dark before you get your shower and wash the bronzer off.
The bronzer is just a temporary color that gets you the immediate gratification of having a tan and also if you are getting hand spray tanned it will let the technician see where they have already spray tanned you.
It is meant to wash off with the first shower, and what you are left with is a beautiful tan that your own skin devoloped.
The way to look after your tan after than is to use only a very gentle body wash and take short showers which are not very warm.
Make sure that you also keep your skin well moisturized as it will let you to keep your tan longer.

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