What about fair skin and spray tan?

by Jaime

Question: I do not like the idea of tanning, so I have been debating about getting a spray tan. My skin is really fair and I do not have a clue about how the tan will turn out. Is there different shades of darkness that I can choose from so I do not end up looking like an extremely different person? I am only looking for a glow!

Answer: Spray tan works very well with very fair skin.
You are very right. You only need a glow, therefore ask for the lightest shade. Every salon can do this.

The color of the tan might be a little bit different than what you would normally get if you tanned in the sun, so you might find it a bit "unnatural" at the beginning.

I always tan red in the sun, but spray tan gives me more of a golden glow, one that I would never ever hope of getting sun tanning.
So, I am really happy about that, but yes, it was a little bit strange at the beginning to have a different shade of what I was used to.

If you get the right shade for your skin chances are that you will be extremely happy with your new look, because a light tan makes you look like you just fell in love and are glowing.

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