what about excessive ruddiness?

by Phoebe
(North Carolina)

Question:I have had very sensitive skins forever. I have some rosacea that comes and goes and I have broken capillaries everywhere on my body, including my face. I am extremely sensitive to skin products, not that I break out, but it makes the ruddiness worse if I use many things too often.

I would worry a lot about the Baiden Mitten doing the same thing. All I need to to make the redness, and broken blood vessels worse!
Spray tan would NOT be my goal, but instead I would like to use the Baiden Mitten to get rid of dry patches and bumps. It doesn't seem like it would work for the jelly-like bumps and redness.

Answer: Phoebe, I know how it feels to have an extremely sensitive skin. I never had overly sensitive skin until I hit pre-menopausal years. That is when it all started and I spent a lot of time and money visiting doctors and beauticians. Not even for vanitly reasons, but to stop the pain.
I did use a lot of microdermabrasion on my face, because that kept it under control and that is why I knew, as soon as I heard about the mitten that it could possibly work.

And it did. I must say that I overscrubbed the first time and actually finished with some sores that required treatment with pure Aloe Vera gel. That was in my most sensitive places like around my nose, behind ears and under my breasts and on my stomach. However, within a week my skin was much less sensitive and it has improved to the point that it is not sensitive at all, not even to the sun.

I did have some rosacea (not very extreme), but it also has improved considerably, to the point that it is not rosacea any more, just broken capillaries. I will have them treated shortly, because sadly, Baiden Mitten does not make broken capillaries go away. It definitely does not make them worse though.

Oh, and another thing that I discovered makes a HUGE difference in skin condition is Blood Type Diet. I discovered that because I am Blood type A I should not be eating red meat and dairy. I cut that out and all the puffiness around my eyes went away, my joints do not hurt and my skin is even clearer than it was. Just Google it, there is lots of info.My doctor laughed about it when I told him, but HE did not have to suffer the pain and I know for sure that my WHOLE body is better now.

I would suggest that you start with the Mitten slowly, do your legs first and see how your skin responds. If it gets better (give it about 3 treatments) then do your torso and arms, and then, when you can see that your skin has lost it's sensitivity there, do your face. No point of stressing the body too much.

Let me know how you go :-)

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