Wedding spray tan needs extra work to be perfect for the big day.

When you get a wedding spray tan, you have to take many different factors into consideration.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate this.

black bride white groom

I saw some wedding photos of a client. She looked fantastic, but something was not quite right. Her husband was so pale, he looked positively sick next to her. It looked as if he had terminal illness, and she was marrying him for pity!

Needless to say, I have never made that mistake again. These days, when a bride rings for an appointment, I ask about her groom, and the rest of the wedding party. After all, the ceremony only takes one day, but the photos last for ever. And although the day belongs to the bride, it makes a lot of difference if the whole wedding party is coordinated.

Things to watch out for, so that bad wedding spray tan will not ruin your special day.

First and foremost - get a

Baiden Mitten. There is nothing that exfoliates your skin better than this little glove and the tan goes on and lasts longer on very well exfoliated skin.

2. Make sure, that the solution has as little bronzer as possible. The best one is totally clear.

If there is a bronzer, there is more (much, much more) chance of streaks, and there is a strong likelihood of the bronzer getting into your pores. When you will sweat in your wedding dress, you will get brown stains on the inside of it, especially in the places that your dress is tight.

Most of the stains will come out, but it is almost impossible to take them out of silk or satin.( It was really hard for me to throw out that special $200 satin bra after an encounter with a bronzer).

Frankly, I suggest, that you have your wedding spray tan with clear solution, at the very most only no 1 bronzer. If the salon does not have such solution, than just forget about spray tan, the problems that you could encounter are just not worth it.

(If you had a tan with a bronzer anyway, than one way to protect the dress is to dust your body with baby powder. When you will sweat, most of the moisture and the color will be absorbed by the baby powder.)

3. Don’t get a tan, get a glow.

Dark tan just does not look good with a white wedding dress. The effect you should be aiming for is a light, golden hue. So subtle, that you guests will be commenting on how radiant you look, not how good your fake tan presents.

Have a lightest wedding spray tan possible (in a booth it’s really easy, just ask for a lightest setting). The effect will be just a glow, that will make your eyes sparkle, your hair shine, and will give you the brightest smile ever, due to your teeth appearing whiter. The details of your dress will also be highlighted.

Never, ever be tempted to get a dark tan! It just looks odd, and in addition, if anything goes wrong, it will be much more difficult to repair.

4. Make sure, that you take extra care with your hands and feet when spray tanning.

Hands and feet usually take on more solution, because the skin there is dryer than on the rest of the body.

Make sure that before you get your wedding spray tan, you spread barrier cream evenly over hands and feet (don't forget between the toes), you can also put some on your elbows and knees. After the spray tan, wipe your hands, feet, nails (around cuticles) and knuckles especially well with wet wipes, or simply wash them with soap. Concentrate on wiping your palms and under your feet.

Take your time and do it well, after all, your hands will be photographed on the day.

5. Apart from bride and groom, spray tan members of your wedding party.

It is sooooo worth it! If you have to save on something, make bridesmaids' dresses simpler, with a spray tan anything that they will wear will look better anyway.

We discussed groom’s tan already. Some of them just don’t think it is masculine enough. I even had one worn his bride to be- "if you tell my mates I had it, I will have to kill you". :)

For those macho types, spray tan in a booth is much more acceptable than standing in a g-string (thong) in front of a technician while being spray tanned. Make it fun, bring a camera, take pictures of each other being spray tanned, and have a giggle. It only takes 1 minute in a booth.

Make sure you ask for a wedding spray tan package at the spray tan salon (especially if you are spray tanning more than two people. Most salons will give you a better deal.

6. Make sure you purchase a bottle of touch up solution.

Very, very important.A wedding spray tan should be better than perfect. Some small imperfections might have to be repaired; it would be silly if such a small thing would have to be on your mind on the day of the wedding.

Additionally, since you already have your tan, you might want to keep it in good condition, not only for the wedding day, but also for the honeymoon.

Click here to see what kind of tan extending products to use for your wedding spray tan.

7. Have your wedding spray tan 2 days before the big day.

Spray tan takes about 24 hours to develop fully, so if you are having your wedding in the morning, it is best to give it time to set properly over the previous day. Have your spray tan in the afternoon two days before. Also, if you your wedding spray tan that early, if any repairs are needed, you will have enough time to do it.

8. Have a trial run. If you never had a spray tan, it is not really an option to skip this step.

Spray tan solution is a cosmetic. It’s best to know beforehand how it will react with your skin. Although I have not seen a lot of allergic reactions in my salon, nevertheless I did have few. Take no chances, and have a trial run. Buy the touch up solution at that time as well, so you can experiment and be confident about repairs on the wedding day.

9.Have your wedding spray tan in the same salon that your trial.

Don't just think, "Well, my skin reacts well to spray tan". Different solution might have different effects! Make sure you spray tan with the same solution that you were happy with.

If you are getting married far from home ring around the place of your wedding and find out what solution they are using (eg. MagicTan will use MagicTan solution in Melbourne as well as in Byron Bay- the only difference might be the amount of bronzer in the solution).

Find a salon near you that uses the same solution, and have a go. Great thing about it is that you can do it months and months ahead of time, so you won't have to cram everything into a short space of time.

10. Take a photo of yourself with your tan after the trial.

For the REAL perfectionists. This way you will see what your skin will look like on your wedding photos.

Wedding spray tan is becoming more and more popular, I think its really worth the effort,and following this little guide might give you more confidence as to the outcome.

Here are some examples of BAD spray tans, so you know not to go there... Need outstanding bridal makeup application tips to compliment your fabulous tan? Get all the bridal beauty information you need to make sure your wedding day makeup look is timeless, classic and sophisticated. After all, it's one of the most important days of your life!

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