Waxing right before using Baiden Mitten? ALSO, tanning question.

by Bethany Nixon
(Georgia, US)

My skin color with flash.

My skin color with flash.

My skin color with flash.

Questions: Hi, I was wondering if it would be okay, and still as effective if you wax your whole body before exfoliating with the Baiden Mitten. Is it?

Also, I haven't purchased the Baiden Mitten, but I really want to, I'm just not sure on a few things.
Some info about me: I'm Indian, I have light colored face, light colored legs, but dark/different colored hands, arms, stomach, chest, elbows. I also have dark spots across my legs, and around my rear, and am suffering the embarrassment of always wearing full clothing.Also, I do not expose to sun.

1st Question: Can you use the Baiden Mitten after waxing?

2nd Question: I have been using Bio-Oil for the past month, and see no results on my skin for stretch marks and uneven skintone. If I use the Baiden Mitten, will it help for discoloration and stretch marks?

3rd Question: I've cruised all around your website Boshena and, I'm a HUGE fan on this site. This site really was my hope, and I thought I was the only who felt this way about skin. So.. I am Indian. I don't have dark dark skin, I have a yellowy, darkish skin tone. My face is paler than my body, and my legs are lighter than my arms and stomach. My body skin tone is just so uneven and grossly colored. I will provide photo(s) for more observation. NO I don't want to become darker (blacker) but I want to have a glow. I wanted to do major research before I do anything-I was planning to do a spray on tan or airbrush tan. Yet airbrush tans don't last as long as a spray on. I'm wondering which one should I get? Also, I JUST WANT A GLOW NOT A DARK TAN. Yes, I would like to be orange, but I'm not sure if that's possible for my skintone. BUT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. I looked at your examples, and saw that I'm skin type 4, and I'm similar to Kim Kardashian's case. How should I do my sprayon tan? Or should I do airbrush? How should I do it? What should I tell the tanning specialist when I go to the salon? PLEASE GIVE DETAILS.

4th Question: Do you exfoliate the night before spray on? Anything else? Can you use bio-oil the night before? Can you use any other moisturizers?

5th Question: Will the tan + baiden mitten project work on my dark spots? Will they be finally gone and I can finally show off my legs? Will the Baiden Mitten itself remove or fade the dark spots?

6th Question: Will my discoloration still be there or not?

Thankyou so much Boshena for your help I highly appreciate it. If I become famous one day due to my Family's fortune I'll make sure I'll tell the whole world about you.

Answers: Wow, that is a whole essay you wrote :-)

Lets see:
1) Always wax AFTER you use Baiden Mitten. You will find that hair waxes a lot easier, almost without pain. It is best to use Baiden Mitten a day before you go for your waxing so that the skin recovers from scrubbing.

2) Baiden Mitten definitely helps with the discolorations and dark spots. A lot of those dark spots are due to infected hair follicles and Baiden Mitten definitely prevents new ones, but also works on getting the old ones sorted out. Some of those go really quickly (like the ones on the bottom), others that have become scars, lighten up quickly, but can take up to few months to dissappear completely. Use Bio Oil immediately AFTER scrubbing with Baiden Mitten and it will speed up the process of decreasing stretch marks and scars.

3)If you would get a spray tan, go to a salon where the technician uses a hand held device and she can customize the amount of solution so that your lighter areas are sprayed more and your darker ones very lightly. Unfortunately, with spray tan you WILL become a bit darker, but it does not have to be a lot.

Ask for solution with golden undertones not reddish ones. That will give you that golden glow to your skin that you are after.

4) Exfoliate a day before spray tanning and you can put on a moisturizer for the night but you will need to wash it off in the morning of your spray tanning. You should not have any product on for the spray tanning session as your tan could be patchy.
The spray tanning salon will provide some barrier cream which you put on places where you don't want to get any darker like elbows and knees etc.

5)If you use Baiden Mitten regularly, most dark spots will become lighter pretty quickly, but others take months.
However, in my experience most get light enough so they stop being a problem. Meanwhile, while they are getting lighter you could always just apply a little bit of concealer on them and show off your legs right now. There is no reason to hide your legs since you can even get a concealer that is waterproof, so you could even go swimming if you like.

6)Spray tan will blend in your discolorations a bit better, but it would be quite unrealistic to think that you will have totally even skin color. However, there should be a major improvement.

7)Thank you for appreciate my website and you don't really have to be rich and famous to spread the word about it, all you have to do is to share either this page or any other page of my website on Facebook and that will help :-)

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can baiden mitten be used on face??
by: Anonymous

Hi! my question is can i use baiden mitten on face i have dark spots flaky n blackheads oily on t-zone. so is it good to use on face??

Answer: Absolutely. However, go easy at the beginning as it takes a while for your skin to get used to the harsher treatment.
Be mindful that your skin can get worse before it gets better ie. that you can get a really oily couple of days (I was literally dripping oil for few days before my skin normalized and you can also break out.
It is very unlikely that you will see skin rolling off on the face at the beginning, because it is of different structure than on the rest of your body, and the rolls of skin are very tiny and get trapped in the mitten until you rinse them out.
However, you should be able to see a difference almost straight away.

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