Waxing after spray tanning.

by mikaela houghton

Question: i wax my legs and i was wondering if i get a tan while there hairy then have my legs waxed a few days after... will it wax the tan off ??

Answer: Yes, a lot of spray tan will come off. It is best to wax your legs about 24-48 hours before spray tanning so the pores have a chance to close properly. If they don't, the bronzer will get into your pores and you will get "spotty" effect.
After you tan you definitely should not wax. The only way you can get rid of hair without damaging your tan is to gently drag a razer down your legs - with the growth of your hair (not against it).
Your legs should be dry and the razer should be dragged down without any pressure whatsoever.

That will still leave some stubble unfortunately, but at least you won't have hairy legs and will still keep your tan.

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