Water droplets on my neck straight after fake tan?

Question: I walked home after I had a spray tan today and it started to spit rain. I got rain droplets on my chest and it turned white. I just gently rubbed my tan to get rid of them. My skin looks a little bit blotchy but not badly. Do you think it was okay to gently rub it? Or will it come out blotchy after I have my shower!

Answer: It is possible that your tan will be blotchy after a shower, because you disrupted the process of developing. However,the damage depends on different factors like how soon after spray tanning you rubbed it etc. and you could have actually made it better.

So, really you cannot say if there will be any damage, you will just have to wait and see.

If it is patchy after a shower, your best remedy would be to very lightly moisturize it with one of those moisturizers that build up the tan slowly. The lighter patches should blend in a bit better then.

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