water and spray tan

by Jenn

Question: I forgot you're not suppose to shower or bath after a spray tan. About 2.5 hours after the spray tan, I sat down in a hot bath for about 5 minutes before realizing what I had done. I immediately got out and dried off. So the water got on my hands and the back of my thighs when I sat in the tub. Did I ruin my tan? Will it be splotchy when its finished "maturing?"

Answer: It usually takes 1 hour for the tan to react and most of the tan has developed by then, but with most spray tans it does not fully mature until about 5 hours. So, I have no idea if your tan will be affected, but there is a good possibility that it might.

If it will not - well, then you are very lucky, and I bet that you will not be doint THAT again ;-)

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