vitiligo and spray tan

by Luanne

Camouflaging vitiligo with spray tan.

Camouflaging vitiligo with spray tan.

Question: Will a spray tan hide the effects of vitiligo?

Answer: Spray tan will make the skin look better, however when spray tanning, EVERYTHING will get darker, so the skin that has not been affected with vitiligo will also get darker.
If the white patches are larger,it might be better to either use self tanner and "fill the white patches in" or go to a salon that has a spray tanning technician that will spray tan the affected twice and the unaffected areas once only, so the skin will get a uniform look.

I have also seen a person with vitiligo on their hands use q-tip dipped in spray tanning solution to "paint" the white areas. That worked very well, but of course you have to do it regularly to keep up the effect.

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Jun 10, 2014
This is how i cured my vitiligo
by: Anonymous

I had vitiligo for 8 years now and I had tried different treatments (PUVA, topical steroid, meladinine cream/solution with exposure to sunlight/PUVA, oral meladinine, oil of bergamot). The vitiligo covered my neck, and one-fourth of my face. I looked for another dermatologist because i lost hope with my past dermatologists. Then somebody recommended me a good natural treatment and it worked very well. Now i'm 90% cured. With only 1 1/2 month of treatment. Watch this review, it helped me a lot:

Aug 06, 2013
how long does tan last
by: Anonymous

how long does the spray tan last on the areas with Vitiligo?

Not very long I am afraid, only few days, so some people do it only for special occasions. Often people will do only the visible areas like face and hands on regular basis.

Mar 28, 2012
herbs works....for me it cleans your kidney and livercondor
by: Anonymous

hi there i am black skin women and hair styliest start having white spots on my shoulder and on my chest, now it spreed all on my face and hands. ...and i talked to one of my coustmer about my skin. it was God sending Angel for me. she said her doughter had it when she was 8yrs old
and her g/ma gave her Pipsissewa Herb 2drops twice aday by mouth and let her drink alots of water and it cleared after she's 25 didn't come back. i ordered and started it 2drops a day pepole its amazing i had kidney stone b4 and i've had hard time to finsh one glass of water aday, so now am drinking 1-6 glass. i started Feb-12 today it looks like 2 shade darker than b4,spically the new one get darker quick,i got more energy,my skin feels softer,for your info my Doc she said no to herb and am on some kind medecin too. it doesnt affect me please try works for me

Mar 19, 2012
I lost all my pigment (vitiligo for over yrs.
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about the ignorant people in the world who think they have a right to know "whats wrong with us" or why we are not tan. There is no requirement by God, that says we must have a tan, however I do miss having color. I am 48 and have had vitiligo since 13 and my skin is completely transformed except for a few small dark patches. I have dealt with questions and riducule from strangers, but never boyfriends, family and friends. I am so glad to hear about the UV spray tanning. I have tried many things over the years, and I'm excited to try the suggestion I read on here. As we know, even with the tan, the most important thing is to protect our skin with adequate sunscreen. I like to have color for the summer, for wearing shorts and summer stuff. Because of vitiligo, my skin is flawless and wrinkle free. My skin is very youthful, and I look alot better than the 25 year old who can't stay out of the tanning bed and does not moisurize her skin. Remember, tan or not are beautiful and the color of your skin, is simply nobody else's business!!!!

Boshena's comment: You are absolutely right, and there is a good side to vitiligo at the end - amazingly even colored skin. It's a pity you have to go through years of hardship to get there.
I think it must be really hard on people with darker skin colors. For white people it is not too bad as there is not so much contrast between old skin and new one.
I think any skin color is beautiful especially if the person is healthy and the skin glows.

Aug 10, 2011
Vitiligo and solutions
by: Anonymous

I am going to try this for my daughter. She has a difficult time out in public and will keep herself covered all the time. When she was about 7 yrs.old we were at a public washroom and a stranger looked at her with disgust and refused to touch the door and tap that my daughter touched.People have actually said,"What is that?" Only her closest friends don't care she has vitiligo. It was actually her best friend that suggested spray tanning now here I am looking for information. Yes, I know people shouldnt be judged by how they look. Maybe now on those hot and humid days my daughter can wear a tank top.

I am so sorry that your daughter has to suffer through stupidity of some ignorant people. I do hope that spray tanning will help her to fit in more at the age when fitting in is so important.

Jun 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Spray tan DOES NOT work!!!

Boshena's comment: Well, I have seen it work with people with vitiligo, so at least it works on some of them. If it has not worked for you than it is a shame, but before giving up I would go to a different salon and try it again because it is possible that a different solution would give you more desirable result. But - skin is a personal thing and I have seen some people spray tanning orange no matter what solution they use, and I have seen others who have a spot on their body that NEVER tans with any method, so I know that it is possible not to get any results...

Sep 13, 2010
ExpressTan TLV
by: Anonymous

I have sprayed a client with vitiligo and she had the whitest skin ever with reddish spots. After she looked amazing and natural brown i would definitely recommend this to anyone who has skin imperfections it really works from what Ive seen.

Apr 28, 2009
Spray Tan DOes Wonders!!!
by: IslandTan5-Points

Hi there! I live in Columbia South Carolina. I own a tanning salon and we offer the UV-Free Airbrush Spray Tan. This is the kind that I actually spray the client, rather than them getting into a booth that sprays you. Because I spray the client, it is customized for their body and needs. I sprayed a lady last night that has been living with Vitiligo for two years. She has lost pigment all down her arms except for her hands. Her back and legs are very spotty. She came back to show me how good she looked today, and told me that I am her new best friend!! It is very hot here in the south, and she has spent time and money investing in clothes that are cool, but will basically cover her body so that she doesn't let people see any of her skin. She walked into my salon with a sleeveless top on and shorts!!! I almost cried! She was so happy, but confused about why she hadn't been recommended to get sprayed by her dermatologists. She has spent a lot of time researching about Vitiligo (over the internet, I assume) and she hadn't seen any information about spray tanning being a cosmetic solution to even up the white vs. not white areas of the skin.
So, I am here to spread the word about UV-Free Airbrush Spray Tanning. Look it up in your area, find the kind where a person sprays you, not the machine, and give it a try. Michele

Oct 07, 2009
Are you suffering from Vitiligo?
by: Anonymous

Today's the world is returning towards natural way of curing due to the harmful effects of today's chemical & synthetic medicines. People are deeply worried on this issue and also insisting to use natural way of curing to get health & security.

Our vitiligo cure process is 100% Natural / herbal.

Boshena's comment: I looked at the website and it looks interesting. I am not sure it works, but who knows? I don't know anybody with vitiligo to give it a try, otherwise I would - especially with the money back quarantee.

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